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About the "writer"

I prefer "Uncensored Storyteller"

Hi! My name's Katie. I'm a Libra, an empath, an only child, a middle child and I have eight siblings. Basically, I was f*cked from the start. 

Growth, creating balance, getting uncomfortable and apparently, from what you can see in this photo, finding the motivation to brush my hair is where I get my kicks.

Pour your poison, grab some snacks and stick around. We're going to learn how to become our own cup of tea!




Are you interested in sharing your story? Wanna talk food, collaboration or cry over the latest episode of "This is Us"?


Mackenzie Bartake

" Katie's blog has changed my life. At first it was just the content itself - stories of struggles, challenges, and hardships. They inspired me. Real people facing real life. After following along and admiring the vulnerability of each individual who had shared, I decided it was time to submit my own entry. The realization that I wasn't alone had made me want to help someone come to that very same realization.

I have a hard time actually talking about the topic of my entry, so I submitted to the blog anonymously. I eventually decided to come forward with my identity as the blog had provided me with a safe space to open up. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Katie. Her platform truly is therapeutic. "

Chris Torjusen

" Fuck I love the message you send to people. Just be good humans. "


" I check everyday to see if there is a new blog posted! I get there's only as much as people want to share, but I can't put into words what this does for me. Just like everyone else, I have been through so much. It's so nice to know you're not alone. And no matter how different the story might be, pain is pain and this blog unites us.

Please don't ever stop. "

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